Mihraab Foundation

Our Vision:                                                                                                                “Promote a Traditional Understanding of Islam in a Western Context.”

“Our ultimate aim is to have people love God and God love the people”                                                                                                                       – Habib Abu Bakr Al-Attaas

About Us

Mihraab Foundation is a non-profit Islamic organization dedicated to serving the Greater Seattle area.  It primarily seeks to provide a reliable and accessible platform to actively engage and educate Muslims.  Mihraab Foundation exists to meet the Islamic needs of the local communities while complementing and collaborating with existing Islamic institutions.  Although a non-profit with religious roots, it is committed to being non-exclusive and for the overall benefit of the local communities within its scope and purpose.

Why Mihraab Foundation

Mihraab Foundation was established by American Muslims who understand the diverse needs and daily struggles of individuals as well as the communal support structure necessary to live a harmonious and productive life as a religious and often ethnic minority in America. The organization was built upon the premise of addressing the underserved, yet growing needs and segments of the local communities through a familiar and holistic approach. These range from the growing number of converts to Islam and disenfranchised Muslims to the widening disconnect between the American-born youth and the first-generation immigrant parents. Creating an accessible and reliable foundation for traditional Islamic knowledge without physical or linguistic barriers for Muslims is an idea whose time has come.

Our Objectives

To realize our vision, Mihraab Foundation has the following three objectives at its core:

  • Education – The acquisition and implementation of traditional, sacred knowledge.
  • Spiritual cultivation – The acknowledgement and encouragement of purification of the soul.
  • Outreach – The constructive engagement and dialogue with members of other faiths and beliefs.

Our Branches

  • Scholastic Branch: The Scholastic Branch aims to teach and disseminate traditional Islamic knowledge that has a connected chain of transmission (sanad) to its original sources, while encouraging the implementation and embodiment of that knowledge. The branch strives to provide education that is both accessible and relevant to the current context through various mediums and methodologies. This branch focuses on Muslim men and women of all ages who are seeking to expand upon their base of Islamic knowledge; although all are welcome to benefit.
  • Youth Branch: The Youth Branch aims to cultivate a healthy, positive and enriching environment of companionship and mentorship, bridge the generational and cultural gap between immigrant parents and the American-born youth, and promote ethical values, moral conduct, community activism and leadership. This branch focuses on young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21-ish.

Our Name

A mihraab is a prayer niche, where the Imam physically orients himself before the congregation in prayer.  It is also a place the Sahaba (Companions) loved most; as it was at the mihraab that they enjoyed the intimate companionship of the Prophet (may God’s peace and blessing be upon him). Although a single word, it indicates the physical direction of prayer, the spiritual orientation and inclination of the heart, and the most intimate and solace place one can be with their Lord and His Prophet.

Mihraab Foundation aspires to embody this place of true prosperity and companionship, where hearts are connected to their Creator and His beloved messenger in this life and the next.

Board of Trustees:

Shaykh Qasim Hatem – Executive Director and Resident Scholar

Shaykh Umair Ahmad – Resident Scholar and Youth Director

Fouzi Husaini – President

Mohammad Sarhan – Secretary

Hassan Hatem – Treasurer


Mihraab Foundation

P.O. Box 52752

Bellevue, WA 98015