Mihraab’s Cosponsorship Policy

  1. All cosponsored programs with Mihraab Foundation (Mihraab) are to be advertised in the name of Mihraab and the cosponsor or merely as a Mihraab program if the cosponsor
  2. Mihraab’s name and/or logo is to appear on all marketing and advertising material.
  3. Mihraab is to make or agree to major program logistical decisions (i.e. day, time, and format, frequency, etc).
  4. Mihraab is to select or agree to all books, topics, and content that is taught and presented.
  5. Mihraab believes it has a unique and impactful style in running programs. This style allows us to transmit knowledge and effectively connect with people through an understanding of the context. Mihraab therefore reserves the right to choose how to teach and convey its program content.
  6. Mihraab is an independent and autonomous Islamic organization and it does not work under the authority or umbrella of other organizations; but rather it collaborates and complements them.
  7. Mihraab is to work with any individual and/or organization that is within its vision, mission, and objectives.
  8. All Mihraab programs (cosponsored or otherwise) are to be open to everyone, regardless of faith, gender, age, and ethnicity, unless previously specified by Mihraab (i.e. restricted age range for youth branch activities).
  9. If the Resident Scholar of Mihraab is an invited speaker at a program, the related marketing and advertising material is to refer to him as “Mihraab Foundation’s Resident Scholar” as are any in-person introductions.