Essentials of Islam Course

The tradition of Islam, as delivered to us by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, has always furthered itself through the prophetic method of teaching and learning, heart to heart, from teacher to student. The very essence of our practice relies on sound understanding to guide our belief and acts of worship, drawing us closer to our Creator. There is no shortage of evidence that in today’s world, we are suffering profound deficiencies in our comprehension of the Prophetic Way, but by the grace and permission of Allah, for every ailment, there exists a cure and this cure is knowledge of faith.

The Mihraab Foundation is pleased to announce it will be offering the Essentials of Islam Course, an arrangement of disciplines formulated to increase our foundational understanding of belief, acceptable practice, and lessons from the life of the Prophet ﷺ. Unlike our weekly Sacred Knowledge Classes, which are designed to accommodate learners in a casual setting, the Essentials of Islam Course is a formal study whereby students will be guided through multiple texts within a specific time frame (9-10 weeks per quarter), and will include various means of assessment by teachers who have been entrusted with ijazat, or licensure to teach, from scholars in whose presence they sat for several years. Truly, this is a blessed opportunity to fulfill the obligation of learning as commanded to the believers by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Essentials of Islam Course is designed to walk students through that which is considered obligatory knowledge for all Muslims to understand and implement. We have also added an elective component in order to contextualize Islam as a complex system of living, passed down through oral and written tradition. It is imperative that students take advantage of attending all the classes; however, there are selective classes as well.